The Best of the Best Snorkeling Spots on Kauai

Kauai, also known as The Garden Island, is one of the oldest islands in the Hawaiian chain and home to some incredible natural beauty.

The best beaches in Kauai for snorkeling are found along the north and south coasts, with a handful of other great locations in other regions of the island.

Anini Beach

This location is sheltered by Kauai’s largest reef which not only offers abundant marine life but also protects the waters from extreme swells to create a calm, swimmable spot.

Hideaway Beach

The reef here is shallow with plenty of fish to seek out in the deeper pockets. That said, the reef doesn’t offer as much protection from larger waves.

Tunnels Beach

This is one of the best beaches for snorkeling. The snorkeling area is larger than it might appear at first and offers big coral formations, underwater lava tubes, and a large variety of sea life. 

Lawa’i Beach

This is a very popular spot is sheltered by a beautiful reef of the South Shore. It has offer a wide variety of marine life to see, but it’s also sheltered from the swell and perfect for beginners.

Ideal for good swimmers and advanced snorkelers, this snorkel spot is exposed to the open ocean and requires a bit of a swim to get to the ample marine life.

Koloa Landing

Poipu Beach Park

This is a popular spot with great facilities for making a day of it. During the summer months, the area can experience bigger swells making conditions a bit dangerous. 

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