The Bucketlist Experience Paragliding in Taitung, Taiwan

There’s nothing like the adrenaline rush of running off of a mountain-side, feeling of your feet dangling in the air, and seeing the countryside zoom beneath you.

Here’s a little retelling of what it was like to go paragliding with an outfit called Soar Paragliding, and find out what it was like for us to take the skies.

Turning around the corner from the canopy, we made our way to the staging area.  We barely made 10 steps when the staff there asked for our tickets. With barely time to process it all, they started suiting us up.


Mason was my instructor as we exchanged hello’s during final equipment check.  Anticipating us to go right away, my flight was stalled a bit because the wind was rapidly dying down.

I turned my head to the right and could see a wind meter where I was told that the number we were looking for was a 4 when it was only registering a 2.4.

Shaking out the massive wedgie I had, Mason started to count down.  There was a momentary stop.  My mind still processing what was going on, I was tugged forward again and I just did what I was told which was to “RUN!!!”

The grass gave way to nothing and I soon found myself doing some sort of air walk. It was gorgeous from where I was.  Mason asked me to sit back and from there I realized how easy this was.

With feet dangling and my GoPro recording it all, I was looking around at all angles like a crazed cat.

Next steps

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