3 Day Calgary Itinerary – Adventure in the City to the Mountains

If you have a weekend or 3 days to work with and you're looking to do an easy trip to a beautiful west coast city in Canada that has that perfect balance of drop dead scenery, adventure, culture, and culinary, then look no further than Calgary.

With the eastern face of the Rockies as its backdrop, the history of the 1988 Winter Olympics in its wake, and the rowdy rodeo events of the Calgary stampede, there's actually a lot you can see and do from a city that some nickname “Cowtown”.


Day 1:  Exploring the City

First things first, make sure you have your rental car picked up from the airport because you're going to be doing a ton of driving.

It may seem like a distant memory but the 1988 Winter Olympics were held in Calgary. 

Your first stop is the WinSport Canada Olympic Park.

Day 2:  Caving in Canmore

A secret of Canmore's is the extensive cave systems that sits under Grotto Mountain.

The hike up to the cave is remarkable and there are a few openings along the way with beautiful vistas of the mountains.

Day 3: Banff Canyons, Lakes, and Horses

For your final full day based in Calgary, you'll be starting off with something that's so iconic to what the city is best known for – the Stampede.

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