The allure of the sandy beaches, coastal coves, calderas, sea-breezes, white-washed villages, blue-domed churches is the stuff of legendary vacations.

Covering multiple seas and thousands of islands sprouting from volcanic activity hundreds of thousands of years ago, planning a trip isn't as straight forward without some research especially if you plan on going island hopping.

This Greek Islands guide will primary focus on The Cyclades but it will also have information relevant for those planning trips to the full Greek Archipelago.


Yes there are at least 6,000 islands in Greece and they are scattered throughout not just one but two different seas.

Greek Islands geography

How do you decide which islands to go to?

With number of days you have, divide them up into 3 days and calculate how many islands you have.  For 14 days, I knew we could only fit in 4 islands if we wanted to do it comfortably.

Greece's primary international airport is Athens Eleftherios Venizelos. It's your main way in and out of the country coming from an international destination.

Getting there

The Rafina bus is a privately-run bus and so the location of it isn't quite where you expect compared to the bus to Piraeus.

How to take the bus from Rafina

Next steps

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