Have you ever done photography in extreme cold? If you have, you know that the struggle is real in the winter.

If you're going to be in any cold weather, the first piece of gear you need to nail down are the gloves. From experience, we know that you shouldn't mess around.

The range of photographer or videographer's needs can change whether you're using your smartphone or you shoot with a DSLR or large video rig, but one thing is a constant in the winter, a good pair of gloves will make or break your experience.


To me, it's when it's dipping below -5°C (23°F) in the “feels like” category. As much as base temperature is a key parameter, howling cold wind will lower your temperature really quickly.

What's considered to be extreme cold?

Why you haven't found the right gloves yet

Many people go through the journey of starting with gloves with fingers but once you've experienced cold weather, mittens can't be beat.

Introducing The Heat Company Brand

The Heat Company was born from the Austrian Alps in 1994 and their focus has always been on creating multifunctional outdoor gloves that thrive in the cold.

In the winter, photographers need gloves to stay warm. Liner gloves allow you to achieve this by picking materials that cut down the wind and provide insulation.

How Do The Heat Company Gloves Work?

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