With 118 islands scattered across the South Pacific in 5 distinct archipelagos, a trip to French Polynesia is a paradise choose-your-own-adventure.

With so many islands to choose from and so many different ways to experience the country, you'll be overwhelmed with information.

As an island nation, flying in is going to be your one and only way to get into the country.

Getting there


The immigration form and visitor forms are pretty standard but wanted to share with you what it looks like.

Landing form

Is there a way to save money with Air Tahiti?

Inter-island flying is not cheap and adds up quickly so how do you keep costs low?  One thing I suggest you take a look at are their multi-island passes.

What is it like flying between islands?

This may seem obvious but inter-island flights are domestic so you won't need to go through security.

Check-in luggage – At all airports they weigh these bags and make sure you're within the standard weight allowance which is 23kg.


Next steps

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