South Africa is a special place that you’ll instantly fall in love with when you go. To see lush mountains, animals in the wild, flapping penguins, and awesome stretches of coastline in the works.

If you’re serious about doing a safari in South Africa, you need to plan and book way in advance when it comes to private game reserves, accommodations within the park, and game drives.

Getting there

South Africa has 3 main international airports that are strategically located across the country. Its national carrier is South African Airways that is part of Star Alliance.

Getting around

Staying within the major cities and attractions, driving is going to be your best option for getting around in the country. 

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Where to stay

South Africa geography

South Africa sits at the southern tip of the continent of Africa. It's a place that is uniquely diverse because of all of its ethnic groups and massive biodiversity.

What to bring

If you want to take any serious safari photos, bring a big zoom. Think about your gear carefully and then on top of that bring lots of battery and memory.

Best time to go

They do have a full 4 seasons however there’s really no singular answer for the “best time to go” that covers the whole country because there’s always something incredible happening. 

Next steps

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