Things To Do In Bremen In 48 Hours 

When we think about Germany, we often think lederhosen, unnecessarily large beer steins, castles, cuckoo clocks, and sausages, but the country is so much more.

Those that are seeking for something equally as beautiful, culture-filled, but at the same time incredibly approachable and easy to explore, make sure to add Bremen to that list.

Bremen City Hall/Town Hall

Standing outside and walking around the entire building is enough to get you marveling at all the intricate carvings, gables, arcades, and statues that achieved UNESCO World Heritage.


While you have the old part of town for history, culture, and architecture, locals spend most of their time here to eat, drink, and live.

Everyone has to wear a reflective work vest, and once you’re learning about how Beck’s makes their beer, you’re on the real production floor, with real beer being brewed and real beer being bottled to be sold.

Beck’s Brewery

Böttcherstraße & Haus des Glockenspiels

If you’re strolling, there’s a lot to see too, with a mix of souvenir shops, boutique stores, big brands such as Le Creuset, a wonderful candy shop, museums, and a big glockenspiel.

Town Musicians of Bremen

Outside of the Town Hall is this copper statue that has the rooster, cat, dog, and donkey on top of each other. It’s smaller than you think, but it's one of those sights in the city you have to stop by for a photo.

Schnoor Quarter

This is the oldest neighborhood in Bremen, and as such, it is full of character and winding and narrow cobblestone streets that are begging to be explored.

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