Grand Rapids is a city of surprises and it's a perfect place to add to your itinerary whether you're driving in from Toronto like I did or if you're doing a road trip around Michigan.

I designed this itinerary to be a balance of some of the things that I love – outdoor adventure, food (more drink in this case), and culture.

First of all, this place is plain massive. When you drive in, you might not get a sense of it as you pass by a number of tall-standing sculptures.

Day 1 – One Spectacular Garden and Park

GR Paddling are private trips which means you get attentive service, it's more comfortable, and ultimately you have more freedom.

Day 2 – Experience the Outdoors

Day 3 – Art, Markets, and Hiking

The Grand Rapids Art Museum, located across from Rosa Parks Circle, and Maya Lin's Ecliptic, which regenerated this entire downtown region, should be your next stop. 

From the GRAM, walk south to Downtown Market to fill up your stomachs again with delicious foods. This is a new and vibrant gathering place for food-centered experiences and local artisanal crafts.

From here, drive to where the Meyer May House is located.  Loyal fans of Frank Lloyd Wright will immediately recognize his architectural style and design principles.

Day 4 – Frank Lloyd Wright

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