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To Do in Scarborough, Ontario

Scarborough doesn't always get the attention it deserves and as someone that grew up here, I know that there are plenty of hidden gems that most non-locals never get a chance to visit.

Elizabeth Simcoe, wife of the first Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada, John Graves Simcoe, named this town for a British town with the same name that also features white-faced rock cliffs.

Scarborough Bluffs

Fishman Lobster Clubhouse

I couldn't really say whether the Lobster Mountain or Lobster Tower was invented here but I'm going to say it is. Originally located closer to Pacific Mall, this new location is home to a lobster lover's paradise.

Bluffer's Park Marina

While most of us don't have boats or membership to the Cathedral Bluffs Yacht Club, this spot is great for a number of reasons.

Guild Park and Gardens

When coming to visit here, it seems like such an eclectic and unusual collection of monuments, statues, and sculptures but when you learn more about its history, you'll realize there's a fascinating story to what has turned this space into one of the most beautiful parks and gardens in Scarborough.

Toronto Zoo

Divided into 7 zoological zones and covering 287 hectares, a lot of care is taken to not only show wildlife in as close to their natural habitat but also educate visitors in conservation and also fight extinction.

Rouge National Urban Park

That's a lot of things packed into one protected area but that's what awaits visitors is awesome hiking, glamping opportunities with oTENTik, bird watching, fishing, and water sports.

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