Things to Do in the New Zealand’s South Island

The darling of New Zealand and the not-so-secret better of the two islands is the South Island.  It’s massive.  It’s dramatic.  It’s wild.  It’s the adventure capital. It’s epic. 

While I still say the top things to do in the North Island rival the South, it’s almost unfair when you factor in the sweeping mountains, towering fjords, and carpets of glaciers.

Pancake Rocks

The Pancake Rocks and Blowholes is an extremely unique geological formation that was created from the bashing and thunderous battering of the Tasman Sea.

Shotover Jet

Their moniker is “the world’s most exciting jet boat ride” and having done this experience twice, they’ve certainly cemented themselves in that place.

Franz Josef  Glacier

Franz Josef and Fox Glacier are both along the western coast of the South Island and present one of the most memorable activities you can do in New Zealand.

Visit A Kiwi Bird Centre

You can go on a night time safari out into one of the few habitats where they can still be naturally found such as near Okarito or you can go to one of many kiwi centres.

If there’s one place to go skydiving in New Zealand, I’d say it would have to be at the north part of the South Island where you can catch glimpses of the North Island.

Skydiving above  the Abel Tasman

Milford Sound

This being the final frontier of the island, windy roads through Fjordland National Park carved thousands of years ago by ice now opens up to the world-famous Milford Sound.

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