Things to Do in Valencia

Spain is an incredible country with many wonderful destinations, and Valencia is by far one of the best. The country’s third-largest city, Valencia, has an exciting mix of old and new.

Valencia is strategically positioned on the Mediterranean Sea, which adds an extra dose of charm to this beautiful city.

Visit the City of the Arts and Sciences

This complex of buildings, built from the mid-90s to 2005 by local architects Felix Candela and Santiago Calatrava, is something unique.

Don’t miss the Oceanographic

Opened in 2003, the Oceanografic is the largest aquarium in Europe. Inside, you will see over 500 different marine species for a spectacular tribute to the Mediterranean sea life.

Admire the Valencia Cathedral

Among the best places to visit in Valencia is, without a doubt, the city’s cathedral. With the official name of Saint Mary’s Cathedral, Valencia’s main church has an interesting history.

Eat at the Mercado Central

Many Spanish cities have incredible food markets to visit, and in Valencia, you will find several venues of this type. If there is one you really shouldn’t miss, it is the Mercado Central.

The zoo’s design follows the modern concept of recreating diverse natural environments. In fact, the animals live in landscapes designed to be as close as possible to their native habitats

Do a safari at the Bioparc

Relax at Albufera Natural Park

Among the alternative things to do in Valencia is to visit the valuable natural area of Albufera Natural Park. Only 8 kilometers south of the city, this natural park and lake is a wetland of great importance in Spain.

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