6 Minimalist Travel Packing Tips 

Is it too much? Are you packing too little? FOMO ultimately kicks in and you almost always end up packing too much but trust me that’s a bad move.

I’m here to help you with my set of minimalist travel packing tips that’ll make your life easier.

Rule #1:  Pack light

You become that much more nimble and flexible when you travel light. It means you can tackle stairs and cobbled streets that much more easily and public transit becomes more viable.

Rule #2:   Pack in layers

Layers are awesome because it gives you flexibility as well so if it’s hot, you only need your base layer but as the days get cooler or warmer, you adjust by adding on or subtracting layers.

I roll everything from shorts, pants, t-shirts, buttoned-shirts, underwear, you name it! This is a key to minimalist travel packing so your clothes take up way less space.

Rule #3:   Roll your clothes

Rule #4:   Don’t pack what you’ll already have at your destination

The best example of this are toiletries such as body wash, shampoo, and conditioner. 

Rule #5:   Hand wash your clothes along the way

If you’ve never hand washed your clothes at a hotel before, it’s actually quite easy.  For me, the key is to do it as you travel so you never have to wash a big batch in one night.

Rule #6:   Use organizers

I just love having different bags, pockets, and zipper organizers to keep my bag as orderly as possible.  It's great to keep your clothes nice and compressed and others are just there to keep your stuff together

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