Top 10 Things To Pack For Any Camping Trip

Camping is one of my favourite summer time adventures. With all the noise of daily life, this is the one thing you can do where you get together with friends and family to get away and back to the basics.

Here is my list of ten items that I can’t live without when I hang up my frantic digitally charged life and dial down to days revolving around eating, hiking, paddling, reading, and crackling fires.

The simple sleeping pad is one that is foam mat that is slightly thicker than the run-of-the-mill yoga mat. These provide decent cushioning but they take up a lot of space.


This is more of a luxury item as I typically will just bunch together some clothes to create a make-shift pillow if I’m portaging but if you have the space, I’d recommend bringing a Therm-A-Rest Compressible Pillow.


Whether for camping or not, having a solid daypack for your adventuring is key. 


As much as I like the feel of paper and flipping pages, I hate being inefficient with space and lugging a bulky book around. That’s why I always pack my Kindle Paperwhite with me. 


This one’s easy to forget but it’s always good to have one of these to navigate at night.


It is a personal water filter that allows you to drink straight out of any water source. You may not need to use it but if you ever did, you’d have the confidence of drinking from an unknown source and be safe from bacteria and waterborne protozoan parasites.


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