Top 5 Hotels in Reykjavik On A Budget In Iceland

There’s no other country that is as hot as Iceland right now. It’s a country where a symphony of elements shine incredibly bright.

Scanning through all the available hotels, apartments, and guesthouses in Reykjavik, I’ve landed on these 5 best properties to consider as you plan out your trip.

To keep the search a bit focused, what I have done is exclude shared room hostels but have included guesthouses that have shared bathrooms.

This hotel is located on the eastern part of town but still incredibly convenient being only a block away from the main shopping street of Laugavegur and from there pretty much everything else you’d want to see in town.

Brim Hotel

One of those places where you get clean and well-furnished room with the incredible convenience of being located minutes away from the famous Hallgrimskirkja Church.

Gestinn Guesthouse

If super cosy, clean, and convenient is your thing, this property should be worth your consideration. It is also right along the bus line from the airport which is helpful if you’re not renting a car.

Central Guesthouse Reykjavik

This one is an eco-friendly property next to Öskjuhlíd Hill and the regional airport in Reykjavik. What I like about this one is that you get a full fledged hotel without the inflated prices.

Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Natura

This is one of my favourites for the reasons that it’s ridiculously close to everything being on the street that eventually turns into Laugavegur, and is super spacious and trendy.

Apartment K

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