Nestled in the heart of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, it's one of those places that looks like specks of dust on the map but is where adventure, heart-warming hospitality, proud heritage, seafood delights, and culinary surprises awaits.

While locals that are in-the-know visit in the summer, the colder months are a magical time of the year where fluffy snow, perfect light, cute wildlife, and intertwine.

First and foremost, the Magdalen Islands is part of the Province of Quebec and belongs to a region called Quebec maritime.

About The Magdalen Islands

For those that are adventurous enough to brave the cold, there are a bounty of treasures to be uncovered in the snow and ice.

Best Things To Do In The Magdalen Islands In The Winter

Baby Harp Seal Observation

Fluffy white, delicate whiskers, wide eyed, and simply cuteness overload, did you know that the Magdalen Islands is the only place in the world where you have a chance to get right up to baby harp seals?

Visit The Lighthouses

There are a total of 6 lighthouses in the Magdalen Islands but only 3 are on the main connected islands. Each of them are situated on different parts of the archipelago and are well-worth a visit.

It's quite the spectacle to see these red foxes in their natural habitat. In the winter, you'll see their red fur, fluffy white-tipped tail, and pointed ears against the white tundra backdrop.

Look For Red Foxes In The Snow

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