There's nothing like getting away from home and spending quality time with family and going on a new adventure.

Here are some of the most unusual roadside attractions you can find across the USA that would give you as good a reason as any to pack your bags and hit the road.


Right by Pike Place in downtown Seattle, you can find a wall entirely covered with chewed and hardened over bubble gum.

1) Pike Place Market Gum Wall

In the middle of Michigan's Little Bavaria in Frankenmuth, you can find a full assortment of Christmas trims and gifts that's the size of 1.5 football fields.

2) Bronner's Christmas Wonderland

3) The Big Apple

This is always a nice pit stop because they serve up a delicious pies, ciders and freshly picked apples.

Hop on a little water craft and explore the limestone curtains, pillars and columns carved from the water a millennia ago.

4) Penn's Cave

In Amarillo, Texas there's a graveyard of 10 Cadillacs as part of an art installation that demonstrates the glory of that classic tail fin design dating from 1949 to 1963.

5)  Cadillac Ranch

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