The Tower of London Experience

When you come from the original country of the Kohinoor, a trip to the Tower of London needs no reason.

As I walked on the north bank of the River Thames, I couldn’t get my eyes off this mighty fortress. The royal palace, the infamous prison, the home of crowned jewels – there is simply so much history associated with this grand old monument.

My visit to this historic castle was sombre, yet engaging. It was a typical English summer day, with the sun peeping out in-between the clouds.

A few meters walk into the castle with them shows how history and the present coexist. The parallel universe of the beefeaters, who live with their families in the castle, is one of the several remarkable things about this historic site. 


My first stop was near the site of the Ravens. It is said that there are six ravens inside the tower that protect the crown and the tower.


From the Bloody Tower, Crown Jewels, to the church and the white tower, there are so many things to see and do – so make sure you dedicate at least half a day to this site.

The torture tower is such a sombre and overwhelming experience that getting your mind off it is extremely difficult. As I walked out of that tower, aghast by the cruelty of the British monarchs, my eyes fell on the Jewels House. 

Torture Tower

These ceremonial treasures have been mostly acquired by the English rulers since 1660. These jewels are a unique working collection of royal regalia that is still regularly used during public ceremonies.

Crown Jewels

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