Ultimate Omo Valley Ethiopia Travel Guide

Planning a trip to South Omo is complicated, to say the least, and having gone through it myself, I’m here to help you.

Throughout this Ethiopia trip planning guide, I share with you my personal experiences and lessons learned from my trip.

The three big questions you’ll want to ask yourself are: How much time do you want to spend? Is there something specific that you’re hoping to see? Where do I find a guide that can take me to all the places I want to go?

Where Do You Even Start?

In my personal opinion, I’d say 8 days is a good amount of time to really get a good flavor of the region and what all the various tribes are about (including travel to and from Arba Minch).

How Much Time Do You Need

Well, that’s a perfect segue into guides. This is perhaps the most critical part of trip planning because having the right guide can make or break your experience.

Picking The Right Guide

On the other end you have fragmented group of independent tour operators that you’ll find being promoted on pages like this on TripAdvisor.

• Someone who understands your request to have an experience that is hands-on and not on the typical tourist path. • The ability to completely customize an itinerary, personalized service is key.

When looking for a guide, this is what you should be looking for:

• A large number of authenticated reviews across the web (not just TripAdvisor; Google it). • Good command of spoken English (reviews should be telling).

Next steps

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