Ultimate 3 Day Helsinki Itinerary With The Go Helsinki Card

Helsinki is many things but what you’ll find about the Finnish capital is that it’s 100% friendly and easy to explore.

From the boulevards, green spaces, magnificent architecture, and the dotted archipelago that were splashed into the Baltic Sea, this is a city you’ll fall in love with so much that you wish you could stay longer.

Day 1 – Let’s See What Can Do With A Few Hours

Even though I only had 2 hours to see the whole museum, I thoroughly enjoyed all of it.

I especially loved photographing and filming the foyer that was built to combine the design aspects of light, shadows, lines, and curves.

My favourite part of the trip was hands down the second day where I got to take a short ferry over to the island of Soumenlinna, often referred to a Sea Fortress.

Day 2 – I See A Fortress

Soumenlinna is set on a cluster of islands that are part of Helsinki’s archipelago off its coastline and as I learned from the guided tour and museum that were all free thanks to the Go Helsinki Card.

Day 3 – Cruising The Canals

Going beyond Soumenlinna, it was incredible to see how you could literally go from the city to islands of wilderness and islands made up of cottage properties and sail boats.

Day 4 – Squeezing In A Little More

Instead, for the final day of my 3 day Helsinki itinerary, I took the tram to see the other contemporary religious building called the Chapel of Silence.

It’s an odd-shaped chapel that is entirely made of wood and curved like an egg that stands at the edge of an urban square.

Next steps

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