Universal Studios Hollywood Tips including Super Nintendo World

Planning a trip to Universal Studios Hollywood is no easy task. You’re gearing up for an awesome vacation to Los Angeles and you realize that theme parks are more complicated than they used to be.

In this guide, we share our best Universal Studios Hollywood tips so that you’ll know the best way to plan your day, secrets that you’ll want to know, and ultimately, the best way to maximize your time in the park.

The “Super Nintendo World Early Access Ticket” allows you to get a head start by going to Super Nintendo World one hour before the theme park opens.

Purchase the Super Nintendo World Early Access Ticket

Arrive one hour before the park opens

If you’re planning to get into Universal Studios Hollywood right when the park opens, you’ll want to make sure that you get to the main gates 1 hour before opening if you want to be at the front.

Since there are 3 lanes that funnel into the lot, it’ll intuitively feel like the better choice but what you don’t see is that the right-most lane opens up 3 more booths.

Turn into the right most lane of the parking lot

The shortest line to queue at the gate

When lining up to get into the park in the morning, don’t just get in whatever line everyone else is joining. The secret is that you should look away from the red carpet for shorter lines.

Toadstool Cafe is notoriously difficult to book and for those that don’t do the research, you’ll be caught off guard by how bad it is.

Reserve Toadstool Cafe 15 minutes before the park opens

Buy the Power-Up Band early

If you rush straight to the Bowser’s Challenge queue and you don’t have a band, you won’t get credit for that ride and score.

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