Waterfalls of Hamilton Travel Guide

Hamilton is on the western end of the Niagara Peninsula and the Niagara Escarpment running through, the steep rock faces combined with the water ways leading towards the largest of the falls.

What’s unique about waterfalls in Hamilton is that they’re hiding in plain sight. Most of them are next to local neighbourhoods, industrial areas, and are right next to local roads and parkways.

Albion Falls

Located south of King’s Forest, and cradled by the Red Hill Valley Parkway which becomes the Lincoln M. Alexander Parkway, is definitely one of the top waterfalls to see in Hamilton.

Borer’s Falls

This one is a bit smaller from the others and a little harder to see, this also has the advantage of being lesser known and has a ton of great hiking opportunities.

This is one of the smallest waterfalls on this list but still not-to-be-missed. Heavily shaded by tall trees, you’ll hear and see the gentle trickle of water down the rocky face of the rock.

Canterbury Falls

Devil’s Punchbowl

Formed by glacial waters during the last ice age, Devil’s Punchbowl has a distinctive horseshoe cliff face where the water pummels into the gorge below.

Felker’s Falls

Surrounded by a local neighbourhood and large playground for kids, you probably wouldn’t know there’s a waterfall by passing by but Felker’s Falls is a gem worth exploring.

Hermitage Cascade

Hermitage Cascade is only a few minutes walk from Hermitage Gatehouse, one of the two remains of a property originally owned by Otto Ives and then George Gordon Browne Leith.

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