Indonesia is a beautiful country that often doesn't get the credit it deserves for its incredibly diversity, beauty, food, adventure, and culture. It's the kind of place that is very raw and real.

Aside from the super-touristy areas of Bali, the other parts of the country are unknown to most mass tourists and that's really where the fun begins.

It's pretty much hot all year round in Indonesia no matter where you are, because of how close the country is to the equator. That means that your packing is going to be focused on summer attire.

It's Hot

I didn't know this at first but Indonesia has quite the mix of prevalent faiths with Islam, Protestantism, Catholicsm, Hinduism, and Buddhism.

A Mix of Religions

Bali Will Impress

For an island so well-known, with its reputation of the luxury resorts of Nusa Dua, surfing near Sanur, and partying in Seminyak, Bali turned out to have it all.

For one, sunscreen is a must because I know from personal experience that travelling with a burn is no fun.

Bali Will Impress

Mosquitoes also seemed to be more vicious here than other parts of the country so do make sure you bring your own bug spray and preferably the kind that includes DEET as I found that to be the most effective.

Bali Will Impress

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