Hiroshima is an intriguing city to visit for its beauty, history, culture. There are many wonderful places to stay in Hiroshima, so getting a great night’s sleep is never a problem.

When you are wondering where to stay in Hiroshima, you can find a wide range of places to stay, from boutique hotels in Hiroshima to cheap hotels in Hiroshima. 

Devastated by a landslide in August 2014, this area is home to a national transportation museum.

1. Asaminami

2. Minami-ku

You will love the quiet of this neighborhood and the quiet makes it a great place to get away from crowds and enjoy a natural environment.

Scattered between historical sites and modern commercial sites, you will also find some of this prefecture's most famous temples and shrines. 

3. Naka-ku

This neighborhood has a very young vibe because it is home to Hiroshima University. This is one of the highest respected universities in Japan.

4. Higashihiroshima

If you love being near the water, then you will adore this neighborhood with its many marinas. This neighborhood’s aquarium with a restaurant and a souvenir shop make a great stop.


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