Kyoto is Japan's cultural heart and an immaculately preserved ancient city frozen in time that makes any trip to Japan incomplete without a visit here.

From bright red torii gates, imperial castles, golden gilded pavilions, wooden townhouses, Zen gardens, temples, and more, you get a real look into Japan's past and their way of life.

As the most popular city in the Kansai region of Japan, these are five neighbourhoods, some of which have their own Japanese names but can be easily remembered by the directions of the compass.

The Different Neighbourhoods of Kyoto

The railway and subway lines are going to be the simplest ways to get around but it is not as comprehensive as you'd think so that's where the bus system will come into play and worst-case the cab as well.

Quick Travel Tips About Kyoto

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Kyoto is very credit card friendly when it comes to big restaurants, stores, and attractions but if you encounter food vendors, local markets, and small establishments, you're better off with carrying cash.

The Central neighbourhood of Kyoto covers the core area of the city that's considered downtown.  This is core area that is vibrant and young while also sticking to its traditional roots.


This is a great area to be based because you have Kyoto Station which means that when you arrive by rail, you can walk to your accommodations.

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