San Juan is a city full of culture, cuisine, history, and beaches. The capital is located on the main island of Puerto Rico and is a city that needs to be added to the top of your bucket list.

San Juan truly offers something for everyone and is a wonderful destination for family vacations, honeymoons, and partying backpackers.

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Old San Juan is one of the most remarkable cities in Puerto Rico. It is a stunning city that you can easily walk around and admire the architecture and history.

#1 Old San Juan

#2 Isla Verde

Isla Verde is a great destination when traveling with friends or for those seeking adventure. The area is also bustling with nightlife.

Condado is the perfect neighborhood if you like a chilled-out vibe, paddleboarding, and beach yoga, but the nightlife doesn't disappoint with clubs going until the early morning.

#3 Condado

Condado is located within the perfect distance from everywhere and anywhere. It is only an eight-minute drive from San Juan or just under an hour's walk.

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