Tokyo is filled with so many options that are coincidentally also close to some the best boutique hotels in Tokyo. There are hotels near the Tokyo Station and other great options spread across the city.

This guide will introduce you to the best hotels in Tokyo along with sharing information about the city's different neighborhoods to help you plan your own vacation.

With so many great options, choosing where to in Tokyo can seem difficult, here is some guidance to help you choose where to stay in Tokyo from small boutique hotels in Tokyo to hotels near Tokyo Stations.


If you will be riding the Japan Railways (JR), then buy a Japan Rail Pass before you leave home but only do so if you plan on travelling to other parts of the country.

Quick Travel Tips About Tokyo

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Pedestrians on sidewalks in Tokyo walk on the left. If you decide to stop, even on an escalator, then keep to the left and walk to the right.



This neighborhood has a young vibe, but even if you do not fit that category anymore, you will find plenty of places to shop and things to do in Shibuya.

This neighborhood offers a unique blend of shopping for young professionals along with several museums that you will not want to miss.


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