Why You Need To Travel To Taiwan Next

May I be so bold in saying that Taiwan should be on everyone’s “must-travel-to” list? It’s a country that everyone’s heard of but when you start exploring the entire island, you realize how unexpectedly off-the-beaten path it is.

In this sweet potato-shaped country, all it takes is a bit of unfolding to reveal a bursting of hidden jewels.

Throughout my time in the country, the friendliness of locals was a reoccurring theme whether it was directed at others or at us. Sometimes it’s in your face and other times it’s just a passive feeling that you get.

Abound with kindness

There’s something about night markets that I particularly love. It’s the atmosphere of being shoulder to shoulder packed with people, the grunginess of it all, the chance to try so many different things, and the randomness of carnival games.

More food than you can possibly eat

Outside the big cities, you’re treated to landscapes that you never knew existed for a country that’s less than half the size of the state of Colorado.

Straight off a fresh canvas painting

Massive mountain ranges act as a great big spine along the central corridor to the country and that’s where places like Alishan and Taroko Gorge will leave your index finger spasm-ing from all the photos you’ll end up taking.

One of the tag lines for the Taiwan Tourism Bureau is “Heart of Asia” and I’d say it’s a pretty bold statement but in a very surprising way it holds up on its own.

Heart of Asia

It’s an expression of diversity that’s rooted in Taiwan’s history – one that is unique and not without its controversy. It’s a diversity that is best exemplified its fusion of cultures.

Next steps

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