World Nomads Travel Insurance Review – Is It Worth It?

Not all insurance is created equal. In fact, insurance is one of those things that they purposely make so complicated and un-unified that you really need to know whether this makes sense for you.

Founded in 2002 in Australia by Simon Monk, with an emphasis on creating a travel insurance products that travelers actually need.

Who is World Nomads?

What's covered by World Nomads and how much does it cost?

The coverage for each of these plans doesn't change but it's the price that does based on your age and duration, and the countries visited.

When it comes to sports and adventure, you want to make sure that what you have planned in your itinerary is included in your insurance policy.

Sports coverage

How to choose which World Nomads Insurance is best for you

I love that World Nomads keeps it simple and only offers essentially two products – Standard and Explorer.

Every single provider has different coverages or they call things differently. Dig into the policy itself and the exceptions are different too.

Should you consider other insurance providers?

How to get a quote for World Nomads

It's pretty easy to get a quote from World Nomads. All you have to do is input the details you see below and you'll know your coverage and costs right away.

Next steps

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