Alright so I thought it'd be helpful for any backpackers or semi-backpacker like me to see what the heck did I actually bring on my epic trip that started it all?  When you know you're going to be out there for 3 months, some thought has to go into what to pack.

I'm such a gear junkie and I ended up spending more money than I should've on new gear and clothes and whatnot.

I picked this very solid bag with 55L capacity and has this really awesome jetstream feature where your back actually sits against a mesh and not directly against the bag so air is allowed to flow between the mesh and bag.


These mesh stuff sacks are perfect for putting in your rolled up clothes.  They're great because it keeps your backpack very organized.  Prior to this I would just kind of throw my clothes in my backpack.

The Mesh Stuff Sacks

20L Stuff Sack

I had no idea how I was going to use this when I bought it but somehow this ended up being my de-facto dirty laundry bag.  It's pretty large at 20L and I just threw in my dirty socks and underwear in there.

I kind of went a little overboard with the stuff sacks as I was planning the trip but I figure I'd have some use for it down the road. 

The Rest of the Stuff Sacks

This was absolutely an awesome addition to my backpack for my summer 2012 trip.  I was able to roll a good 8-9 t-shirts in there which was everything I travelled with.

Rolled Up T-shirt Cube

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